About Us

Expressions Customized is here to help you customize your individual personality through the means of fashion. ​Giving our customers the chance to express themselves without saying a word... True freedom of SPEECH!

​Have you ever thought of an idea and wanted to put it onto something customized? (examples: shirts, coffee mugs, hats, pillows, walls, etc.) Well that's what we do here at Expressions Customized. We come up with thoughts, ideas, statements and etc, and apply them to garments/items without ever speaking a word. Sometimes it is best to leave things unspoken.

Voice your ideas by ordering our customized apparel/items. Don't like what you see or want to change the colors? (garments, vinyl colors, shirt type and etc.,) Simply go to our order form below and fill out your ideas. We involve you in the whole process from mockups to fonts/colors, we are not satisfied until you are.

Customizing Specific Needs: 


Customizing your item is at your fingertips, see an item we have but want different colors?

Fill out the form with your own ideas.